Waterville 2/3

Decided to go up to Waterville and meet a couple people from some skiing/outdoor adventure groups Meetup.com. I decided to cash in a voucher even though the window rate was $45 in honor of Superbowl Sunday. Looks like they were selling a reasonable amount of day tickets. Sunnyside triple was on maintenance hold all day, which made the lines at the quad very long and overflowing out of the corral at times 10 am til lunch. Everything to the right of the quad was very icy and everything to the left of the quad was skiing OK with a tolerable amount of ice. With the Sunnyside triple being down, there wasn't much choice than to wait it out at the quad, which made Butch (liftie that always does crowd control at the quad) quite busy for a few hours. Props to him as it is very rare to see a chair go up with less than 4 people in it when he is in charge. Crowds then got very reasonable after lunch as the lift lines by then did not exceed 5 minutes, and the mountain was pretty much dead after 2:30. ROTD was skier's left of True Grit which skied pretty well although the center and right were icier. High country was also skiing a bit rough.

The mountain needs a snowstorm; I overheard a liftie saying that they already blew through their snowmaking budget and so the guns will be shut off for a bit. However, they had to be concentrating the snowmaking in areas with the recent thaw and refreeze

Looking forward to go up to Waterville again for the Snowcial BSSC is running up there next Sunday.

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