Waterville 3/17

Went to Waterville today and that's where the crowds were unfortunately with lift ticket window pricing being $17. Was about 60-70 people lined up for first chair which wasn't bad for being a Sunday but it then progressively got very crowded until 10 when the line for the quad was backed up to quadzilla and even quadzilla had a good 10 minute wait along with Sunnyside. Easily, the summit quad was a good 30 minute wait. They were a few people complaining to the lifties that there was no singles line at Sunnyside and then who I thought was the lift supervisor ended up coming to manage the line for awhile and he ended up breaking up doubles for awhile so chairs would go up full. The good perk was Sunnyside gave a good view of a kid's mogul competition which was enjoyable to watch so I ended up lapping that chair for much of the day. The unload area got very icy and I observed a few people p hitting the stop gate on Sunnyside. Was amazed they did not run World Cup Triple and Northside today as they badly needed those chairs running. Usually, when World Cup runs, they don't need it but I would have gladly ridden it today (as would many other people.

Overall, the mountain skied reasonably well with icy spots and windblown snow. They ended up grooming everything with the exception of sides of some trails which was probably the right call.

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