Waterville Valley 1/27

Got to the hill 25 minutes before opening and booted up just in time for opening. I was worried the quad may have been on hold as there was a sign up on the ticket counter, and all lifts from the base were spinning with the exception of White Peaks. I was going to make something of the day and wasn't going to go anywhere else. Luckily, they got the chair running 15 minutes before opening. I got approximately the 12th chair on the quad and it started out very cold and blustery. Even I can manage at many times to keep skiing and I had to go in for breaks every few runs for the first few hours. It started fast and firm with some packed powder, and then it turned out to be very icy in the end. Ciao was probably the worst run I have taken in a few years. I decided to ski it late in the day and it was almost a sheet of ice. I made it out OK, but one of my poles didn't as I dropped one with bad technique and the next thing you know it, I was 30 feet from it with no way to get back up. Ended up taking a bailout from the trail midway down that was closed on the other side (but the bailout was much better than Ciao) as it is a short feeder trail that goes into Ciao.

Crowds were very minimal. The main quad was no more than a few minute wait; almost a ski on for the average time I took it.

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