Westborough Country Club, 3/9/13

March 9, 2013
Westborough (MA) Country Club
Packed powder, heavy wet snow

Well, I would have liked to put a trip report here for some big NH mountain that was on my list for today, but a sick spouse meant I was home with both kids.

Since the younger one doesn't really have a lot of skiing ambition, we made it a sledding day. Took the kids over to the Westborough Country Club, right on Rte 30 a few miles west of the town center.

This golf course has some really nice hills, and is a sledding/snowshoeing/ xc skiing madhouse when the conditions are good. The kids had a great time and of course dad brought his "sled" along as well.:wink:
first line Westboro CC.jpgfresh tracks Westboro CC.jpg
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