Wettchusett – 4-13-2014

Date(s) Skied: 4/13/2014

Resort or Ski Area: Wachusett

Conditions: Rain, Wet, Overcast, Corn

Trip Report: Well, I was originally planning to make it up to Cannon with everyone… But the rain and the radar did kinda scare me off. So wanting to salvage something today – I ended up at Wachusett for a few hours for only $10. The trails have held up pretty well, the best being Smith Walton, with soft bumps forming – All in all not a bad few hours out! As I was getting to Fitchburg, the skies started to clear (my luck). Just stuck with the three trails from the summit. All in all a good day out, and now I am back to do some yard work. Planning on getting out next Saturday – and Beyond that we will see! Some photos:

Top of Smith Walton:

More of Smith Walton (I think)

Riding up the summit quad ride up – Some bare spots:

Lower Smith – SO GOOD!

Upper Smith – Bumps forming!

One more shot –