Whaleback 1/6

Needing something different from Pats Peak, I had some free tix to Whaleback so I packed up the family and headed up. This was my first time to the hill. I was actually impressed with the terrain. This ski area may be small but it is no beginner hill. Almost every trail was either steep or ungroomed or both. While the lift was a slow double there was never a line until about 1 then it was only 10 people deep.
Conditions were to my liking for the most part. While the steep expert trails were thin at best and bumped up nicely there was a couple of trails that they must have opened only today because they were fresh and only slightly untracked. Though they had no base underneath they were still fun and our skis are no worse for the wear. I did hit a buried stump that stopped my skis and sent me head first into the powder getting a mouth full of the snow.
All and all a fun day and would hit it again with a fresh coating of snow.

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