Whaleback 1/6

Date: Sunday AM Jan 6
Condition: PP/LSGR/Variable/Rock

Good morning session at Whaleback today. Headed up this AM with a buddy for $15 Sunday AM tickets. Every Sunday from 9-noon the Whale has $15 tickets which is an awesome value. Given the conditions a morning session was all we really needed anyhow.
Conditions were all over the place...the snowmaking groomers had good coverage. Their signature Spout-Bougainvillea run skied very well....good run to let em rip as conditions were fast/firm but very carveable. The Dorsal to Scrimshaw route was also fun the couple times we did it.

Whaleback has some good (albeit short) advanced runs which we did. Jawbone is probably the toughest run on the hill...hit that a few times. Coverage was spotty...oscillatiing between dust on rock and boot top powder on a 4" base depending on where you were. Definately a day the bases of my skis were not enjoying. Skied the Face, Blowhole, and Jonah's Revenge as well which was more of the same.
I skied the Whale last Sunday in knee deep over no base but clearly the warmer weather the past few days ate into some of that and the no snowmaking made iot tough to really charge those runs.
We bombed probably close to 20 runs in 2 hrs 45 mins and then got on the road. Whaleback doesn't blow much snow but when the snow is good (like last Sunday) I dont think there is a better mtn under 1k' vert in New England.

I encourage anyone who is driving by on the way home from VT, local, or just wants a throwback ski experience at a great value to ski Whaleback. I try and support these mtns whenever I can because they really are a lot of fun. Super easy access of the highway,cheap tickets, sneaky good terrain, park next to the lift makes for a fun morning out there. Lotta character to the trails and something for everyone....not in the same class by any means but reminds me of a smaller version of Magic.

I have an all day voucher I will use sometime later this yr hopefully when they are 100% open.

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