Whaleback 3/28

Saturday 3/28
Conditions: 1" of fresh, ice, rocks, dirt, wet chunky snow

Headed up to Whaleback with wife and son for a few hours. Used my last Mtn Sports Club voucher and figured since I was with my son a magic carpet is all the same to him at this point.
Snow squalls on the way up, saw quite a few cars off the road on 89. Pulled in about 930 and place was dead. Maybe 15 cars, no one in upstairs lodge.
Did some carpet rides with my son while my wife skied. She reported terrible conditions but as an intermediate her definition of terrible is a bit stricter than mine.

I then gave her kid duty and first run down Spout.
The groomer has been down for 3+weeks and too costly/time consuming to fix late in the yr. The freeze/thaw/freeze cycle hasn't been kind to those without grooming right now.
Tough skiing for sure...some of it was decent though and I could get an edge in or at least maintain control.
Did 2 glade runs down Beluga glade....less ice in the trees more just manky wet snow so was respectable.

Top of Ambergris was pretty nice all things considered. The 1" top dressing was key, without that Id have done 1 run and gone home.
Very much adventure skiing....builds character I told my wife who wasn't overly amused.

West Side entirely roped off...coverage on the mtn was actually fine for this late in the yr. Almost ducked rope on Jonahs but decided against.
Jawbone and Blowhole definitely had enough coverage had it been softer.
Had they been able to groom and/or it warmed up/softened it would have been pretty nice. Today upper 30s and sunny should be a good send off for them. I hope the locals show up spend some $ in the bar/cafeteria.

Whaleback really does try hard on a very limited budget. I felt bad hardly anyone was there yesterday and I was on a free voucher. Had the bar been open when we left at 1 I would have purchased a Harpoon IPA. Guessing they called the bartender and told him not to bother coming.

Hope they can make some improvements this off season. Need to get snowmaking sorted out and make sure groomer works at bare minimum.

Fun 1/2 day for us; just nice to be outside on a ski hill with my son. Nice lunch at the Flying Goose Brewery in New London on way home as well.
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