Whiteface 12/28-31/2012

Dates Skied: 12-28-2012 to 12-31-2012
Resort or Ski Area: Whiteface
Conditions: Packed Powder/Powder
Trip Report: Whiteface is my go to for holiday weeks for the main reason of less crowds than VT and NH. They got hammered in the storm and picked up 24” on the 27th and 6” more on the 29th. This made the place roughly 85% open which compared to past christmas weeks was much better and spread out the people better. Snow conditions were great 28th and 29th, 30th almost the entire place was on wind hold (no lifts were running from lower mountain due to someone falling off the only one that was open, 2 upper were running if you wanted to hike up the runout) so we got a voucher, and the 31st was good early, and then started to get skied off and icy, but if you knew were to go it would be OK. Skyward was the run of the trip, they were pounding it with snow and it was perfect, even having some powder on the sides a few days after the storm. Essex, Mountain Run, Drapers Drop, and River Run were also highlights. Glades opened on the 31st, didn’t go in but heard that they were very nice. Empire is also now open which for this time of the year is rare. Crowds were busier than past holiday weeks, mainly because the snow got people to go skiing, but I think that Whiteface is trying to expand it’s market and try to capture some of NYC. They have ads all around NYC and it comes up more and more in skiing related conversations. All and all it was a fantastic trip, and reminded me just how great the face can be when they can just get some snow!

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