Whiteface – 2/12/2017

Booked a B&B near Whiteface a week and a half ago, before the ice storm was on the radar. Thought we would be skiing packed powder and open woods up there. I was wrong. Bought tickets on Liftopia, non-refundable. The B&B wasn't really "weather cancellation" friendly. So we went, and instead of skiing Gore Saturday and Whiteface Sunday I decided to give my wife a tour of Lake George and Lake Placid on Saturday and take what the mountain gives us at Whiteface on Sunday.

Reason I am writing this report is because-- even after just getting back from enjoying a legit powder day at Magic-- the main thought in my mind is that Whiteface is pretty darn cool. Only my second visit to the mountain, first was when I was a kid and don't remember much about it, I remember it was icy.

So I expected fast and firm and that's what we got. The mountain was fully groomed, 100% groomed except a couple trails that had fresh snowmaking. The corduroy was medium-firm as well. Not ice. Not hard pack exactly. Firm cords. So my wife and I were able to cover a lot of terrain quickly, cruising the mountain. And this was the plan because we were hoping for an afternoon powder transition as the snow was forecast to start-- and did-- just after 10:00am.

Started on the lower area with the quad. Quad moves quick and what a scenic ride over a brook with very cool rock slabs. Terrain under this lift is green and blue. Good warm up runs; this was edgeable snow, and the trails a bit like a roller coaster feeling due to the rolls and twists on firm edgeable snow.

Then took the double chair up Little Whiteface. Only serves black trails. So we skied whichever one-- it was skied off bad. Basically had to power skid the way down "turning" more for the sake of appearances than any practicality. Could see my wife not enjoying that at all but being a trooper. Took a fork in the trail that went onto a snowmaking trail that had nice soft whales... okay, that's better! ... then that led to a barely touched Green groomer which was like a decadent skiing experience.

So after that my wife and I decided let's stay off Blacks for now. I had a feeling that could change later. It had started snowing anyway and it was picking up fast.

Went over to the Triple chair and skied Wilmington trail. Firm, fast, edgeable. Why was I enjoying this so much? Something about ripping down large vertical of basically featureless groomed over hard snow terrain was really doing it for me.

Took a few runs off the Gondola. Looked down one of the blacks and it looked like decent snow, so we went down. It was good. Really good. Work those legs, feel the burn, slayin' that vert. Repeat and repeat.

Ate lunch and had a couple Jager shots. Snow was coming down real good now. Time to head up to the top.

Riding that top lift you do get a feeling of exposure, especially in the weather we had. No wind though, really could appreciate that! And the slides right next to you, pretty cool. No slide skiing today though. Went down Cloudspin, Niagara, and whatever the other one is, lapped the top. Cloudspin was kinda like 2" of fresh powder on crust. So we ripped it.

After that ripped down Hoyt's High and then the burn was significant so I took a few more runs on easier trails enjoying the surfy coating of *really nice snow* on top of the groom.

Not sure what it is but I wish I didn't have to leave Whiteface. Had to leave just as the snow was piling up too. Something special about that place. Moved higher up my list of destinations for sure.

Too much fun to take any photos besides these

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