Wildcat 4-21-2014

Date(s) Skied: 4/21/2014

Resort or Ski Area: Wildcat

Conditions: Soft Spring Snow

Trip Report: What a fund day meeting up with everyone! I certainly have a lot of off season conditioning work to do in order to get myself skiing better! I intend to keep up with everyone next season, but what a beautiful day to close out the season. I pretty much skied everything open, other than the bumped up trails… (Tomcat I think?), I was glad to get one more day in. I must say, that I didn’t have very stable legs and was skidding more than anything. But it was well worth it. For me the runs of the day were off Upper Catapult, which had very soft corn snow. After 2 hours, my legs were toast. But I still managed to get 14k in vertical in and of course a few beers too.

Here are some photos:

Looking up Alley Cat:

Upper Catapult:

Not sure exactly where:


The view from the top: