Windham – 11/30/12

I went to Windham today to start my season, it was my first time there. They had Warpath Chute, The Wall, Upper and Lower Whistler and Upper and Lower Wolverine open. Since it was my first day since mid-March it took a few runs to get my ski legs back. After that it was great. The temp at the parking lot was 25 when I got there and 31 when I left. It also started snowing about noon and kept snowing all day, if it wasn't for the fact of the very limited terrain I would have sworn it was mid-January.

Snow conditions were very good. The upper trails were ungroomed and had lots of rollers and big piles of snow. The snow on the lower part of the mountain which was groomed overnight was packed powder and there was really no ice or hardpack. I skied 10 runs as that was all my legs could take. All in all a very good day with very good snow conditions, great way to start the season. :snow:

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