Windham – 12/5/12, Snowmaking restarted!

I went to Windham again today this time with a friend of mine. We got there at almost noon and were two of maybe 14 people there all day. The trails that were open in my Friday report were still open but they had some bare spots but the snow was nice soft spring like snow. It was about 36 degrees when I got there and it cooled down slowly during the course of the day. There was mixture of light sleet and snow falling on and off all day and around 2:00 the temp had dropped enough where they started firing up the snow guns on the open trails. By the time I left the snowmaking crew had worked their way about halfway down the mountain after starting at the top. After my last run I had a nice glaze of ice on myself. I just wanted to post some pics of the snowmaking today so here they are:

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