Windham 3/7/18

Time skied- 8:45-4:00
Conditions- SNOW! Started with 2", ended with 8"

My day began at 6am when I swore at the weather radar on my computer...Catskills were dry while SoVt was getting the goods...oh boy...I botched another powder day. It was too late to make it Mount Snow so I stuck with Windham. The ride up was snow showery with nothing on the roads...made it in 1hr 50m, 15 minutes quicker than usual.

They had 1-2" when I got there. They opened the lift early, thank you very much! The first couple hours had good skiing. Nice groomers, good bumps on Wheelchair. Trees were scratchy but I surveyed them. Solid skiing.

Then around 11:30, it snowed...and snowed...and snowed...and dumped...

Things filled in crazy fast. I'm very very glad I studied the bike park map beforehand. Those were some awesome lines in the woods! Lots of stuff off the map was skiable, too. I split my time on/off the trails 50/50. Wipeout was a great natural diamond with soft moguls. The challenging access to it kept the crowds away. Wheelchair has big bumps on it. I could tell by the snowmaking mounds it hasn't been groomed since I was last at Windham a month ago.

They claimed 8" at the end of the day and 5" of that must of fallen after 12pm. And Mount Snow only got 2" I made the right call. They'll get the goods tonight though!

The ride home took 4 hours (with a diner stop). Nasty travel on the Thruway. I had to do 20mph the final 10 miles to the I-84 interchange. Near white-out. Getting on 84 I had to honk at a truck/camper combo trying to go the wrong way on the exit ramp...and then watch him back-up and fishtail back up the ramp. CT was totally unplowed. A van spun out in front of me. There was a serious convoy of bucket trucks with Quebec Hydro on them. It's nasty out there.

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