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  • Mohonk p offering great stuff for poor

    Mohonk Preserve is excited to offer Family Equity Days for New York State SNAP & EBT recipients to bring up to 8 family members into the great outdoors! Each Family Equity Day offers free 90 minute, back-to-nature themed programs, expertly guided by a professional Environmental Educator. Offered on two days in July and two days in August, choose from a…

  • Campsite

    We are planning to backpacking(3D/2N) presidential range traverse with plan of spending first at the Perch, what if we don't get platforms there what's our next possible option? Thanks

  • What’s Your Favorite Camp/Backpacking Recipe?

    There are a lot of fantastic recipes you can find on the web or in cookbooks if you need some inspiration for your camp kitchen but I've found the best ones come from forums like this. What's your favorite backpacking recipe?

  • Hiking/Trekking in winter

    Looking for a trail for winter hiking or trekking. In winter, which one you prefer? Hiking or trekking? So, which trail can be best? And what are the issues I should know? Suggest please. Thanks.

  • Want Some Friends to Hike With? The AZ Hitch-Hiker Guide!

    Got the idea to post this thread after reading this thread. If you are going to be hiking this summer and would like some company from AZ, feel free to post the areas where you hike and how folks can contact you! I hope that this spurs some AZ Hiking Outings and interest in hiking...once we get better weather :roll:…

  • Wildcat?

    Does anyone know what's happening at Wildcat? Will they make the projected opening date? Their webcams aren't up and there's nothing on their webpage.

  • Ski Areas in the East with 1,000 vertical glades

    So I thought this was a good place to ask. We recently completed the top section of our East Bowl glades at Black Mountain of Maine. These are now an honest 1,000 vertical non interrupted on the ski map. Wondering who else has 1,000 vertical glades on the ski map. So few qualifiers: 1) must be on resort map 2)…