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  • Southwest adds flights into Steamboat

    Here's the news: Other airlines fly into Steamboat, mostly United, but this should keep the fares at a reasonable price. If you only have a couple of days to ski, this is a good way to do the Rockies. The town of Steamboat is at 6700 ft, so you won't get killed by the altitude.

  • What will be different for 20/21 Ski Season?

    Posted this at first in the ski resorts response to COVID 19 thread but thought it was worthy of its on. As we approach ski season 20/21 it will be interesting to see what evolves as far as procedures / operations / process etc for the resorts. A preview of perhaps what is to come.... Magic offers a first hint…

  • Are Teslas smart enough not to camp in the passing lane?

    While driving home on 86 from Elmira yesterday I came upon a line of 4 cars in the passing lane. A red car was blocking those behind and wouldn't speed up, or slow down, and move to the driving lane. Finally it passed a car in the driving lane and everyone, including me, passed the red car on the right.…

  • Seasonal Rental

    What approaches are people using to find seasonal rentals? Website or realtor? Which website? We were planning to buy in Bartlett this summer but the market is so damn overheated we are going to wait a year. I suspect the rental market is similar but figured I would give it a look.

  • The Bromley Thread

    It seemed there wasn't a thread dedicated to Bromley which is where I'll likely be spending half my winter so I took it upon myself to make one.

  • 2020-21 Cheap pass and ski thread

    Can't believe some 1 did not start this few weeks ago. I think of Epic local pass Not sure Is good at all their hills? Website is hard to tell 🎿🏂😀

  • Gunstock improvements Not a lot here to chew on because no decisions have really been made. I don’t think this was posted on the forum but last year but Gunstock hired a new GM for the first time in decades. Tom Day, the new GM, used to run Waterville. One reason he was hired was to get a hotel on the…

  • Trump was right…Fauci IS inept

    Wow, just wow. He doesn't look like he's related to 50 cent, but perhaps he is. I think that pitch was as close to first as it was to home. Did he really play hoops in college? Makes GW's strike with a Kevlar vest on after 911 even more impressive. Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using AlpineZone mobile…