AlpineZone Challenge 2005 – Jennifer Wolinski of Mohawk Mountain

The AlpineZone Ski Area Challenge was designed to provide a method for our forum members to get official answers to skiing-related questions directly from a ski area representative. Jennifer Wolinski, Director of Promotions of Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, Connecticut, took the AlpineZone Ski Area Challenge and provided the following responses on 7/11/2005:

bvibert: Are there any plans to add any terrain features to the mountain this year?

Jennifer Wolinski: Mohawk varies our terrain based on conditions and customer needs year to year. We are looking into the best eatures to add for this season but we have not made the final decision.

Greg: Are there any other infrastructure improvements/upgrades planned, e.g. lifts, base/summit facilities, etc.?

Jennifer Wolinski: Mohawk is currently renovating our retail ski shop in our base lodge. We have in the plans however to provide an additional beginner terrain including a new surface lift and trail in the next year or so.

bvibert: Are there any plans to add any summer/fall operations to the mountain, like mountain biking, leaf peeper rides on the lift, etc.?

Jennifer Wolinski: Mohawk wants to offer more opportunities in the off season however we have major State Forest regulations which hinders our ability to offer some of these activities. Also, remember the saying, one bad egg spoils the pot…Well.

Greg: Is Ski Sundown your primary competition? Have you considered working with them to offer a season pass that is honored at both mountains?

Jennifer Wolinski: “Primary Competition” with another ski area is NOT the important aspect to wintersports in CT. The main focus at Mohawk is to maintain a family atmosphere along with providing the best mountain conditions in our area. We are a “learn to” mountain with terrain to help you extend your ability in your chosen wintersport. At this time, the main collaboration with Ski Sundown and other CT resorts was the CT government statutes. These statutes are more important than working together on a season pass offer.

bvibert: Are you planning on continuing to offer any/all of you specials from last season? For example; $18 Monday night skiing. Also, are you planning any new specials or special events?

Jennifer Wolinski: Yes, we are still offering $18 Monday night skiing for the 2005-2006 season. Mohawk is also offering Monday- Thursday all day tickets for $30 dollars excluding major holidays periods. As the special and events are planned, we will be placing them on the new event calender on the website.

loafer89: The ski season at Mohawk used to be much longer than it is now. I remember skiing at Mohawk in November and early April, why have the seasons been shorter for the last few years?

Jennifer Wolinski: Mohawk hopes to have snow from November to April however, we only produce snow if everything falls together. Since 1947, Mohawk has been open around the same amount of days each year. Mohawk and New England wishes we had luck like last season in Tahoe.

bvibert: Last season your website underwent a much needed upgrade/facelift, are there any new website features being planned? Maybe a webcam or interactive trail map?

Jennifer Wolinski: Our website has some plans for the new year. Mohawk is added an event calender to display events and specials to our customers. We have also added a better online store for gifts, skis, and passes. Our trail map has changed but will not be interactive or have a webcam.

bvibert: Is there any possibility of adding any gladed terrain, maybe to the skier’s right of Timber?

Jennifer Wolinski: On the ledge of Timber is a waterfall. (The off season hiking at the forest is great and free) Mohawk used to have some of the best tree skiing around but 1989 tornado destroyed some of the great cathedral pines that used to cover Mohawk’s terrain. We have been replacing trees since 1989. Mohawk could open runs like glades but not sure if it will be this season.

Greg: Do you have any plans to open a forum or chat room on your website? Do you read web forums like If so, do you ever reply to posts about Mohawk or other ski areas?
Jennifer Wolinski: We will not be opening a forum or chat on our website. We are working right now on an event calender to display events and special to our customers. I do read and other internet media based sites however I only respond if the information about Mohawk is incorrect. Our largest challenge will media is distributing inaccurate information about Mohawk to our customers.

bvibert: Are the season passes expected to remain at the same price?

Jennifer Wolinski: Season passes are posted along with a new ski equipment shop at our online store, The price for season passes are lower than the year before and are available at the prices qouted until September 30, 2005. We have great deals on night skiing and midweek passes. So to answer the question, our prices for season passes are not the same.

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