AlpineZone Challenge 2005 – Troy Ketcham of Windham Mountain

The AlpineZone Ski Area Challenge was designed to provide a method for our forum members to get official answers to skiing-related questions directly from a ski area representative. Troy Ketcham, Event Manager of Windham Mountain in Windham, New York, took the AlpineZone Ski Area Challenge and provided the following responses on 8/24/2005:

dmc:  So how is the summer paintball working out for you?

Troy Ketcham: Mountain Invasion Paintball is going well. We have three great fields: two speedball fields and one woods field. The speed ball fields consist of one sup-air field and one barrel field, which are both used for fast-paced, high-adrenaline competition. The woods field is used for a slower paced but more tactical games, and there are two more on the way. The biggest surprise since bringing in paintball is the large number of skiers and riders who play.

noreaster: This Ski Magazine Article indicates that Windham, Hunter, Belleayre, and Plattkill don’t work very well together to lure customers into the Catskill region. Together these 4 ski areas within 30 minutes of each other provide a wide diversity on over 5000 feet of vertical. Do you think there is any chance that these 4 major ski areas in the region will do a better job working together in the near future?

Troy Ketcham: Currently Windham Mountain and Hunter Mountain do some cooperative advertising, and we are working on an RSN station for the mountaintop that will serve both areas. We also work with several other resorts in New York including Whiteface, Gore, and Belleayre on a media event every year in New York City. This event helps promote the fine skiing and riding that can be found in New York, which boasts more resorts than any other state!

SKI-3PO: Will you expand night skiing further up the mountain?

Troy Ketcham: There are no plans to expand night skiing in the immediate future, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. We are always looking for more ways to provide our guests with a better experience.

ALLSKIING: Does Windham plan to offer any Glades in the future?

Troy Ketcham: Windham Mountain did offer glade skiing and riding for several years. There are a number of challenges that have kept us from resuming that, but it’s another topic that comes up frequently here! We won’t rule out the possibility that glades will return to Windham at some point.

thetrailboss:  Confession: I’ve never skied Windham or anywhere in New York (but I have seen you mentioned in those Resnick Mattress Outlet Ads). What does your mountain offer for New England skiers and riders that the mountains in New England can’t? What New England resorts do you compare yourselves with?

Troy Ketcham: I think the main thing Windham Mountain can offer New England skiers and riders is easy access from several major metropolitan areas, big mountain terrain at 1600 vertical feet, and a small mountain feel with a great family friendly atmosphere. We are just over a two-hour drive north from New York City, and about one hour south of Albany. We offer incredible service including ski valet, snow caddy, valet parking and direct-to-lift passes. We put a sincere effort in helping folks spend less time in line and more time on the slopes. We try not to obsess about comparing ourselves with other resorts, but we know this place stacks up well. Recently we spoke with a renowned ski writer who has visited hundreds of resorts all over the world and RAVED about Windham Mountain. That said a lot.

ALLSKIING: Any advancement in purchasing or leasing the land between A lift and G lift for some trail expansion?

Troy Ketcham: I wish I had a better answer, but as of yet there are no new plans for the terrain between A and G lift. But we are looking into opportunities to expand terrain, as well as a new high-speed lift in the very near future. Stay tuned!

thetrailboss:  I think that I have seen Windham mentioned as a “mountains of distinction” resort offering reciprocal pass offers with mountains such as Okemo, Wachusett, etc. Is this still the case? What other season pass reciprocal deals do you offer or plan on offering? Is this in response to the American Ski Company’s discounted “All For One” pass that was popular with skiers and riders in 2004-2005?

Troy Ketcham: Yes, we are still a member of the Mountains of Distinction and yes, we still offer ticket discounts to season pass holders from 16 different mountains involved in the program. The discounts include 50% off tickets mid-week non-holiday and $10 off weekend and holiday tickets. We are also currently looking into cooperative programs with other resorts, which would add even more to the value season pass holders currently enjoy.

ALLSKIING:  Do you plan to continue to run the older chair next to the high speed chair? Even on very busy day I notice that that chair is empty and it still takes longer to reach the summit then it does waiting in line for the high speed.

Troy Ketcham: Yes, we will continue to run F-lift, The Whistler Triple Chair, next to the Whirlwind quad. Although lift lines are never really too much of a problem here, it is nice to occasionally take a seat and rest your legs on the ride up as opposed to standing in line just to have a shorter ride up.

ALLSKIING: Any plans to build a hotel near the mountain to better accommodate families that want to stay the weekend?

Troy Ketcham: There are no current plans to build a hotel near the mountain, but we do a have both room and condo rentals at the Winwood Inn. The newly renovated condos were just finished last season and are beautiful. The Winwood Inn is about 1.5 miles from the mountain and offers a free shuttle service to all its guests. It’s also ideal for families, with a great restaurant (Vines Bistro), arcade, fitness center, pool, putting green and its own movie theater all on site.

thetrailboss:  Do you visit AlpineZone or any other ski/ride websites? If not, what do you think is most important for our members to know about your mountain? Is there a good time of season that you could recommend that we come up for an AZ Outing? Would you be interested in having us? I’m sure our Trips/Events guy would really like organizing a trip to Windham.

Troy Ketcham: Yes, I do visit AlpineZone and enjoy reading the ski area Q&A’s. I think the members ask great questions and the mountains seem to answer the questions with a little less sugar coating than you might see in a press release, which is much more entertaining to read.

As for a good time to come visit Windham Mountain, ANY time is a good time and we’d love to have you. It will give us a chance to show you how great all those services are that I always write about, and it will give you a chance to enjoy some of the great skiing and riding New York has to offer.

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