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  • Sugar Mountain in North Carolina Opens on Halloween, Earliest Open Ever


    Sugar Mountain, North Carolina, October 31, 2012 – Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in North Carolina is open today, on Halloween, Wednesday, October 31, 2012 for day skiing and snowboarding. The mega storm, Sandy, or can we call it a "Southeaster" pounded the East Coast, ushering in winter in the North Carolina Mountains.  Over nine inches of natural snow, cold temperatures and round the clock snowmaking provided the perfect elements for Sugar Mountain Reso...

  • The Weather Channel Begins Naming Winter Storms


    The Weather Channel announced today its new naming system for winter storms, making it the first national organization in North America to proactively name winter storms. In time for the start of the winter season, naming storms makes communications and information sharing  easier, enabling consumers to better understand forecasts that could significantly affect their lives. “On a national scale, the most intense winter storms acquire a name through so...