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  • Vermont Resorts Team Up to Offer Discounted Passes for College Students


    Source: Ski Vermont Outside Magazine named the University of Vermont as one of the top 10 colleges for youthful outdoor enthusiasts, which comes as no surprise. Students flock to the Green Mountain state for higher education, but also outdoor adventures and like-minded people. Ski resorts in Vermont understand the tight budgets of students, so they offer great deals on college passes to help them start or continue their life long quest to shred. Recent co...

  • Sugarbush and Mad River Glen offer value season passes to recent graduates and young workers


    Warren, VT (August 27, 2012) - Sugarbush Resort is partnering with Mad River Glen and rolling out a value-priced season pass option for skiers and snowboarders in their 20s. The For20s Pass at Sugarbush Resort boasts an affordable price point and unlimited access to both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen at Sugarbush. The option is available to anyone ages 19-29 for only $319. Adding considerable value to an already attractively-priced product, Sugarbush and Ma...