A Wildcat Ski Patrol Reunion to be Held on Saturday, March 25

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 14 2006 - 03:21 PM

PINKHAM NOTCH, New Hampshire ??” On Saturday, March 25, 2006, the Wildcat Mountain Ski Patrol will be holding a reunion at Wildcat Mountain. Activities will include a casual drop-in evening at the Red Barn on Route 16 at Red Barn Road, in Jackson, NH, on the evening of Friday, March 24th; a day on the slopes on Saturday, March 25th, and a mandatory dinner-meeting on the second floor of the Main Base Lodge at Wildcat at 6:30pm, with preliminary discussions to begin at 5:00pm in the Pub. A silent auction also will be held with the proceeds to benefit Friends of Tuckerman. Registration for the Event may be made on-line at www.skiwildcat.com, and is just $15. All Patrollers are encouraged to bring their Wildcat memorabilia and stories to share, as cameras will be on and more Wildcat Ski Patrol memories created on this day.

It has been 20 years since the last Wildcat Ski Patrol Reunion. Out of the 240 present and past Wildcat Ski Patrol members, Reunion Committee members are still trying to locate the following former patrollers: Don Anderson ’61, Bob Arsenault ???58, Beth Bellman ’84, David Bennett, Nathan Bolster, Joshua Bradford, Kenneth Breon ’58, Jay Carpentier ’97, George Chappell ’75, Alexander Clark ’64, Mark Clark, Jim Drug, Rob Durell, Bud Finithey, Glenn Fitzgerald ’74, Bob Hamilton ’58, Chris Hartman, Barbara Hill, Jim Hill ’75, John Horgan, Allen Hutchinson, Tom Joyce, Gregg Kendrick ’68, Craig Knapp ’96, Davy Lentz, Rob Libby, Jim Lyons, Pattie McDermond-Elliott, Brooks Moore ’68, Bill Morrison ’68, Mike Morrison, George Neilsen, Tim Orr, John Palone ’73, John Pasqualli ’73, Doug Severence ’60, RJ Shaw, Bob Spenlinhauer, Don Stamp ’77, Kevin Szympruch, Bob Tara, John Tinker ’68, Gary Waterhouse ’68, Charlie Whitcomb, Frank Whitemore, and Brooks Wood. If anyone has any information on these people, please contact Bob and Connie Keon at (781) 245-9492, [email]conkeon@hotmail.com[/email], [email]bobkeon@hotmail.com[/email].

Wildcat Ski Patrol Reunion committee members are as follows: Bob and Connie Keon, George and Annie Bordash, Bob Kroger, Alexa Bernotavicz, Jeff Maynard, Ian Turnbull, Howie Wemyss, John Duggan, Richard and Susan Caughey, Tom Caughey, Erik Spinney, Kevin O’Connell, Nate Camille, Dennis and Vicky Gallagher, Ed Astrachan, Jeff Leich, Jim and Kathy Landers, Al and Alison Risch.

For further information, please visit www.skiwildcat.com or call 1-888- SKI WILD.