Adaptive Camp at Camelback February 7-11

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 08 2012 - 05:04 PM

Teenage Paraplegic Skier Inspiration to All

TANNERSVILLE, PA – Camelback Mountain Resort is hosting the 18th Annual Adaptive Camp for 5-18 year olds with physical disabilities February 7th to 11th. This sports camp does what all sports camps do, and so much more. The kids come and meet new friends, learn a new sport or build on their skills, but most importantly, they are given the chance to just “be kids” with their peers. The friendships that are made at camp help them learn from other kids experiences and allows them to enjoy a sport that they otherwise may not have the chance to experience.

One skier that has participated in the camp for several years and is not only an inspiration the younger kids, but also to the coaches and anyone that meets her is Stephanie Jallen from Harding, Pennsylvania.

Stephanie was born with a rare birth defect called CHILD Syndrome. CHILD Syndrome is a very rare disease that occurs mostly in females. Each letter of CHILDS is an acronym for Congenital Hemidysplasia with Ichthyosis and Limb Defects Syndrome. Jallen’s entire left side is underdeveloped leaving her left arm very short which tapers down to one digit. Her left leg was amputated when she was an infant.

Don’t think that any of that stops Jallen from pursuing her dream of competing in Sochi, Russia in the 2014 Paralympic Games. “Rather than fear the storm ahead, learn to dance in the rain.” said Stephanie Jallen when asked about her view on life. For more information on Stephanie and her road to competing, go to .

“Our partnership with the Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports is one of the most fulfilling partnerships we have at Camelback. They give kids and adults the opportunity to learn a new sport while gaining confidence,” said Charles Blier, General Manager, Camelback Mountain Resort.”

At the conclusion of camp, the campers will be prepared to race in the Diana Golden Race held on Saturday, February 11th at 10am. The Diana Golden Series is an introductory alpine ski racing series for children and adults of all ages with physical disabilities. The races are two GS courses on a NASTAR style course. These races are the first step towards making the Paralympics.

The Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports (PCAS) provides lifestyle and competitive sports for people with disabilities. For over 20 years The Center has been improving the lives of people of all ages by promoting healthy lifestyles for people with disabilities. For further information, please call PCAS at 215.765.5118 . For further information, please contact Isabel Bohn at 215.765.5118 or [email][/email].

SnowEast Magazine Readers’ Survey voted Camelback Mountain Resort the favorite resort in Pennsylvania. There are 34 trails, ranging from beginners to double black diamonds with 100% of the trails open for night skiing. Camelback is continuing on the cutting edge by adding a 50′ x 50′ airbag that tops out at 12 feet tall….just like stunt persons use in Hollywood films. Guests of all abilities can ski and board downhill, hit a jump and try any trick seen at the X Games and land safely and softly!

Always true to its name and mission, Camelback Mountain Resort, ensures action, adventure and excitement 365 days a year.