Attitash Unveils New Logo; Drops "Bear Peak" Name

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 14 2004 - 01:42 PM

BARTLETT, NH ??” Like many who see a 40th birthday as a good time to update their look, Attitash took at look at their name and logo and decided it was time for a change.

???Attitash was founded in 1965 by a bunch of skiers who wanted a place for their friends to come and ski. Over the years as the business of skiing has gotten more complex, Attitash has worked hard to keep up and when possible to lead. As we approached our 40th season we decided it was time to strip back the layers and see what we are at the core and then work to create a new look that matches what we found. This was a long process, but I found it genuinely enjoyable and enlightening to talk about what draws us as employees to Attitash and to also go out and talk to the community about what Attitash means to them. We learned a lot about what??в„ўs important to people about this mountain,??? said Tom Chasse, managing director for Attitash.

One consistent comment that came out of the process was that Attitash has fantastic terrain, especially for more advanced skiers and riders. ???A few of us were talking about Attitash and our first experiences with the mountain and all of us mentioned that we had been surprised by the terrain. We also realized that Attitash is a mountain that gets better the longer you are here, I??в„ўve been here for a number of years and I??в„ўm still finding new features on the slope and new combinations of trails that really keep my juices flowing,??? Chasse continued.

John Urdi, vice president of brand management said of the project, ???this started as a search for a new logo and look, but we ended up going much deeper and really re-discovering our roots. At first we focused on just getting the name back to Attitash instead of Attitash Bear Peak, since that is how most people refer to us, but as the process unfolded we realized we have an opportunity to use this re-branding effort to tell new people about Attitash and who we are.???

The new logo, which was developed in partnership with a designer from Portland, ME, is a dramatic departure from the previous logo. ???The logo we??в„ўve used for the past few years included a number of different components, two mountain peaks, a bear, the sun, and our name. It worked well but we wanted a logo that was clean and active but also allowed our guests to associate their own meaning and aspirations to it,??? Urdi said.

Attitash will be celebrating 40 years of operation this winter with a number of events. The company will keep with the tradition of selling the first 400 lift tickets on the resorts birthday, January 28th, for just $7.50 a piece. In addition Attitash is planning a 40 Days and 40 Nights that will run from Founders Day through the Attitash All-Star Aerial Show, which will take place on March 5th and 6th. Details of the deals will be available on

???This is an exciting time, we have a lot of history behind us and we have a lot of history still to be made. I??в„ўm excited to be a part of it,??? said Chasse.

Attitash is part of American Skiing Company (OTC: AESK), one of the largest four-season mountain resort operators in the United States. The resorts include The Canyons, UT; Killington and Mount Snow, VT; Steamboat, CO; and Sugarloaf/USA and Sunday River, ME. More information is available on the company’s website,