Award Winning Safety Theme at Sunday River Encourages Guests to Go With The Flow

By AlpineZone News |
Dec 13 2005 - 04:29 PM

NEWRY, Maine ??” Sunday River’s Go With The Flow safety theme was recognized this past May at the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) National Convention and Trade Show. Now entering the second season of the program, Sunday River plans to expand upon the theme with increased visibility around the resort to further the ideal of respecting other skiers and riders by adjusting speed to that of the surrounding skier traffic.

The Go With The Flow Program is educational rather than confrontational. Guests are urged to ski or ride at a pace and style that is in agreement with others in the area.

“It’s simple really,” said Marvin Collins, Sunday River vice president of operations. “There are areas on the mountain where being considerate to others is the key to safety. Trail merge points, learning terrain, or terrain parks for example. Rather than trying to track down a few bad apples, we’ve found that the public responds much better to promoting respect as a rule of thumb. We’ve seen that Go With The Flow works much better than hey you, slow down!”

The Go With the Flow program displays green signs with black letters spelling Go With the Flow at various locations across Sunday River’s eight interconnected peaks and focuses on the use of sound personal judgment when skiing and riding. Expanded visibility projects for this season include more on-mountain signs displaying the simple guidelines of the program, handouts distributed by Sunday River Ambassadors, inclusion in the Sunday River This Week newspaper, and a program to be aired on Channel 7 the local RSN television station.

Sunday River’s award was for Best Safety Theme and was one of eight resorts across the country to receive the National Ski Area Safety Program recognition. Vice president Marvin Collins and Safety Manager Tim Bruce implemented the program with the help of the mountain operations staff. “We’re excited to be recognized for this unique program. Our goal is to build awareness and educate our guests,” said General Manager Dana Bullen. “The Go With the Flow program really caught their attention and got people talking about safety on the slopes.”