Four Record-High Temperatures Atop Mount Washington

By AlpineZone News |
Oct 06 2005 - 11:57 AM

MOUNT WASHINGTON, New Hampshire ??” Since Sunday, October 2nd, Mount Washington Observatory has recorded four straight record high temperatures for the following dates in October: October 2nd topped out at 58?° beating the 1950 record of 57?°. On the 3rd, the Rockpile set a high of 59?°, the old record set in 1953 was 56?°. October 4th also reached a high of 59?° shattering a previous record of 56 set in both 1951 and 1953.

A high of 62?В° was recorded on October 5th, beating the old record of 58?В° set in 1951, and is the warmest October temperature ever recorded on the summit. The previous warmest reading was 59?В° set on October 12th and 13th, 1938.

Mount Washington Observatory mascot Nin
enjoys a warm start to autumn atop Mount Washington

(Photo: Mount Washington Observatory)

The overnight low temperature on the 4th of 54?В° is also the warmest low temperature recorded for the month of October. The previous warmest low temperature was 50?В° set in 1990.

It was only six days ago that the summit of Mount Washington received a wind gust of 129 mph and one inch of snow with temperatures in the 20s.

According to Meteorologist Tim Markle, “The summit is currently 22 degrees above normal for the month, and has yet to record any fog during the month. In fact, the summit has not missed one minute of possible sunshine so far for the month.”

Markle added, “the weather has been so mild and tranquil that the summit staff even made time in their busy schedules to enjoy a game of baseball on the observation deck!”

The nice weather will come to an end on Friday as the remnants of Tropical Storm Tammy will bring rain, fog and more seasonable temperatures to the summit – just in time for the holiday weekend.

The Mount Washington Observatory is a private, non-profit organization which since 1932 has operated the year-round weather station atop Mount Washington. The Observatory maintains an active program of scientific research and educational activities, including the Mount Washington Center museum in North Conway and winter and summer trips to Mount Washington. For more information about the Observatory, contact the Observatory at Box 2310, North Conway NH 03860, 800-706-0432; or visit the Observatory on-line at