Free Demo Days at Ski Butternut

By AlpineZone News |
Dec 21 2004 - 08:41 PM

GREAT BARRINGTON, MA ??” The Ski Butternut Ski & Board Shop has arranged a free on snow Demo on December 28 & 29 at Ski Butternut. If you’re in the market for new equipment; not convinced that you need new equipment yet; or feel like ???kicking the tires??? on the latest and greatest products just to see what they can do for your skiing, then you need to mark these dates on your calendar.

Or if you aren’t sure if the new shaped skis or easy to turn snowboards are worthy of replacing your old trusted steeds? Then you too need to make tracks to Ski Butternut for one or both of these selected demo dates. Without hiding their intentions of selling you new equipment they have arranged these demo dates so that lift ticket wearing Ski Butternut guests can try the equipment out for free.

Dec 28th ??“ Atomic, Rossignol, Volkl, Dynastar & Salomon ??“ Skis only

Dec 29th ??“ Burton, Ride, Rome & Rossignol ??“ Snowboards only

What to expect:

  • Tell the reps honestly how much you weigh and be truthful about your skiing or riding ability, as the reps will be setting your bindings according to your answers. Bring your credit card and a drivers’ license for security purposes. All the reps require two forms of ID so that their equipment doesn’t just walk away.
  • The people who fit your boots into the skis or snowboards will be competent and knowledgeable representatives from the manufacturers. They know their lineup skis or snowboards inside and out. Ask them for advice, that’s what they are here for. You’ll see their colorfully emblazoned vans sporting their corporate logos parked around the base area near Ski Butternut’s Top Flight quad lift.
  • Most representatives will guide you toward a particular model and size of ski or board, based upon the answers you give to a few specific questions about your skiing or riding preferences, style and ability etc.
  • The reps will encourage you to go out and make 1-2 runs on the selected equipment. They then want you to immediately come back and tell them what you felt. Please don’t keep the equipment out too long as someone else will likely be waiting to rip up a run of two.
  • Understand you will not be able to use a pair of skis for the entire day. The manufacturer’s rep hopes to get as many people to test out their equipment as possible in the course of a day. Why? They hope that you’ll fall in love with their product and that you’ll walk into the ski shop and purchase that particular ski or snowboard before days end. It happens, that’s why the Ski Shop helps to coordinate this type of event. So if you are in the market for new gear, bring your credit card! Also bring your own equipment so you can continue to ski instead of waiting around while someone you don’t know is out testing the one particular model or length that you want.
  • Bring your own familiar boots ??“ boots are not part of the package.
  • You will need a lift ticket ??“ The opportunity to demo the equipment skis or snowboard is free. You still need to purchase a lift ticket or show a season pass to use the slopes for the day.
  • Take care of the manufacturer’s representatives. They don’t get a chance to ski or ride (or sometimes even visit the restroom) as they are usually way busy. So bringing them a hot chocolate or a soda, it means a lot to them. Then maybe they’ll make sure your demo equipment is truly dialed in for a super ride.

If the above dates don’t work for your schedule, Ski Butternut offers a unique Demo Center where their staff will ski with you and guide you through the demo process. They provide ski instruction that is intended to guide you into getting the most performance from the newer shaped ski models.

Ski Butternut’s Demo Center is open on all Weekends and Holidays and most other busy days. On slower days the friendly Ski Butternut Shop staff will help set you up with the right equipment so you can make an informed decision prior to your purchase.

Ski Butternut’s demos cost $25 for 1 pair of skis for 3 hours, $35 for 1 pair for the day, or $45 for the ability to test up to 3 pair over the course of a full day. They are all this year’s gear, and all products are available in the shop for purchase.

Given the cost of quality equipment today, if you aren’t sure what you want or need, Ski Butternut’s Demo Center and the free demo days are a great option to try the gear before you buy it. The Butternut Ski & Board Shop will even credit your first days demo fee toward your purchase.

For more info on Ski Butternut including the Ski & Board Shop or their on snow Demo Center visit or call 413-528-2000 to request a free brochure.