Full-blown, Vermont Style Summer Fun Park at Bromley

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 23 2006 - 09:14 AM

BROMLEY, Vermont ??” Since 1976, when Bromley unveiled the nation’s first double-tracked Alpine Slide, they’ve been the industry innovator when it comes to summer attractions. The Bromley Mountain Thrill Zone hosts the 456′ Big Splash, Vermont’s longest waterslide ride; The New Condor Cable Coaster, it’s a 700 foot long, two person, zip line that’s sure to thrill every member of your family; the 100′ Adrenaline Zip Line; two Trampoline Things that let you flip, spin and jump some 25′ feet in the air (all harnessed in, of course); a 24′ multi-faceted climbing wall; two Space Bikes in which you race against another cyclist or the clock as you actually pedal your way into a fixed orbit; and a beautiful 18-hole championship mini golf course.

PigDog’s Fun Park, a special place just for the smallest members of the crew, offers a new 24′ Super Kiddie Slide, the incredibly bouncy Bounce House and the ever-popular, and somewhat splashy, Bumper Boats.

Be sure to check out www.bromley.com for more information on Summer Attractions & Events at Bromley.