Magic Mountain Volunteers Expand Glades Coverage

By AlpineZone News |
Sep 24 2012 - 03:43 PM

September 24, 2012, Londonderry, VT’This past weekend Magic Mountain Ski Area held the first of three ‘Volunteer Days’, with mountain management set to organize two more on October 6th and October 20th. As one of the last independent major ski area’s in the state of Vermont, Magic counts on its skier and snowboarder community to help continually build the future of the over 50-year old ski area. And, Volunteer Days do just that with over forty enthusiasts showing up Saturday to work Magic’s network of glades which have come to epitomize the unique adventure Magic offers skiers and riders of all ages.

‘Everything we do here has one simple goal in mind,’ said Jim Sullivan, President of Magic Mountain. ‘It is to make Magic the ideal haven for those who love the sport of skiing and snowboarding and the camaraderie that comes from its shared experience. Working on trails together gives people a shared off-season Magic experience all the while helping their mountain expand its off-piste terrain.’

With a day beginning at 9:00 to catch a trip up the hill on the Red Chair, the volunteer crew split up into groups to tackle glades on both the West Side and East Side of the mountain. Some glades are on the official trail map, such as the recently added ‘Disappearing Act’ and ‘The Wardrobe’, while others may be known by some, but are left off the map for every one’s own discovery. Existing glades were trimmed and cleaned up, and completely new lines were created in other areas.

‘Our dedicated volunteers help give returning Magic skiers new terrain to explore every year,’ added Geoff Hatheway, VP of Marketing at Magic. ‘And, every year the ranks of volunteers continue to grow. We can’t thank them enough.’

Two videos from 9/22 capture some of the passion and mystery surrounding Volunteer Day (Volunteer Interview and Glade Work). Pictures and blogs also capture the day as Magic preps for the new season.
About Magic Mountain Ski Area

Magic is southern Vermont’s only independently owned and operated mountain. Different than the corporate resorts, Magic has stayed true to the original Vermont ski culture. Magic skiers enjoy a mountain emphasizing natural, diverse ski terrain in an atmosphere of shared camaraderie for the sport both on the slopes and in the lodge after a long, rewarding day. Magic has an authentic vibe because, in reality, it still remains first and foremost a ski area, not a ‘resort”and a distinctly Vermont one at that. It’s a community spirit that keeps Magic thriving for those committed ski and riding enthusiasts who want to ‘carve their own trail’ and experience real snow and obstacles that mother-nature puts on the hill. And, it’s why Magic skiers love the mountain so much that they personally invested in the ski area via The Magic Partnership in order to enhance and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.