Gunstock announces major attractions for summer.

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Mar 30 2011 - 10:36 AM

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Gilford, NH-Gunstock Mountain Resort will move forward with 3 major attractions for the summer of 2011 thanks to support from the Gunstock Area Commission and the Belknap County Delegation. Gunstock will invest 2.1 million dollars between now and the summer with the installation of 3 unique and exciting attractions for the Lakes Region. “In our 5 year planning process, we identified opportunities that exist with new gravity based attractions that will give the Lakes Region a solid boost in family fun.” says Greg Goddard. “With several good winters under our belt we are excited to be adding these fun filled attractions counter seasonal to our winter business and directly target the 3.4 million visitors to the Lakes Region each summer.

The first two attractions will open on Memorial Day weekend and will include the new Aerial Treetops Adventure Course known as ATAZip, and Mountain Segway Tours. ATAZIP is a completely new high ropes, zip line and obstacle course within the trees. “Construction has already begun on ATAZip as we have repurposed 35 campsites near the pond at the base area” says Greg. “We are asked all the time if we are putting in a zip line and it’s a difficult question to answer” says Bill Quigley Director of Sales and Marketing, “because there will be 20 zip lines installed when everything is completed. ATA will have 91 games that include 41 course challenges covering over 1000 feet, 22 ladders, and 12 zip lines totaling almost 1,400 feet in length. ATA will be comprised of 8 courses including 2 training courses, 1 kids course(you will have to be able to reach 42 inches) and 5 differing levels of adult courses. “The unique part of ATA will be that once you are through your orientation and training seminar and mandatory demonstration of your understanding of the challenges, you will be working through the course on your own with guides throughout the course making sure you follow the rules and helping you if necessary.” continues Greg. “The ATA course will be the largest high ropes, zip line and adventure course in New England.” The experience is expected to cost $45.00 and last 2 to 3 hours.

Secondly, Gunstock will open the Mountain Segway tours utilizing the new Segway X2. Gunstock will have the only Segway tour experience at a ski area in New England and will utilize some of its 50 miles of alpine and cross country terrain giving guided nature and historical tours of the area. The Segway tours will get you up on the mountain to see views and offer a new experience on the trails of the area. Segway tours will be priced at $70.00 for a 2 hour tour.

Targeting the first weekend in July will be the newest canopy tour experience in New England. The ZipTour will comprise 8 different zip lines in the build out and will have the longest zip lines in the Continental US. Two of the zip lines will let you travel 3,900 feet and drop 650 vertical feet on an average 18 percent grade thanks to new technology that will give each rider the ability to control the speed of their descent. Thrill seekers can travel up to 56 mph, and sightseers can stop and look around while hanging 155 feet in the air. After sign in and the safety and orientation process each person will be taken to a demonstration and test area to prove they can use the equipment on a zip line in the bowl area. Each rider will then take a short walk to the Panorama lift to the summit where the real adventure will begin. After a spectacular lift ride, you will take a short zip line from the summit to Tower 2. At Tower 2 you will latch on to the longest zip lines in the Continental US and travel side by side with another rider on their own zip line 3,900 feet to the top of Pistol going from peak to peak and at one point 155 feet off the ground.

Then it’s time to catch your breath, dismount and take a hike to your next zip. That zip line will take you another 3,900 feet down the face of the mountain, over the parking lot and the snowmaking pond to the landing zone next to the ATA course. Each person will travel on over 1.5 miles of zip lines of the most unique experience in the east.

“Gunstock has always innovated with the first chairlift in New England, the Longest Tubing Hill in NH, Biggest Night Ski Area and New England’s 1st BigAirBag, this is just another step in continuing to provide a great experience for families both local and those visiting the Lakes Region” says Greg. “With these improvements we will also have the Panorama Lift running weekends from Memorial Day to Fathers day, then daily till Labor Day to see those beautiful views of Lake Winnipesaukee and Mount Washington.”

Gunstock will also continue to be the host for summer events such as SoulFest, The Lakeside living Expo, HillClimb, CraftFest, and the Timberman Triathlon, in addition to weddings and corporate outings. Information on all the activities will soon be available on the web and on a new website targeted to come out soon, along with the process to book reservations.

Gunstock, located in Gilford New Hampshire, is one of the state’s largest recreation areas. The first ski area in New England to have a chairlift, Gunstock boasts 1400 feet of vertical, 227 acres of skiing, and 300 campsites during the summer, spectacular views of the Lake Winnipesaukee at every turn. It is also the host of major events such as the ,The Lakeside Living Expo, HillClimb during Laconia Bike week, CraftFest, Soulfest, and the TimberMan Triathlon.


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