Loon Mountain Opening Day Rescheduled for Friday, December 8

By AlpineZone News |
Nov 29 2006 - 12:47 PM

LINCOLN, New Hampshire — Favorable temperatures are expected to push back into New Hampshire starting this weekend, and Loon Mountain plans to resume snowmaking operations this Saturday, with a planned opening day of Friday, December 8.

Loon has the most powerful snowmaking system in New Hampshire, so just three-to-four days of continual snowmaking will be needed to supply ample coverage to get the desired terrain open, and snowmaking crews will continue to work around the clock as weather permits to maximize snow production.

“Our decision to postpone opening is due to the commitment Loon has to offer our guests the best possible snow and coverage,” said Director of Mountain Operations Ralph Lewis. “Quality top-to-bottom coverage from both base areas along with the learning area on Sarsaparilla is our opening day goal. Once the temps drop to a consistent level, we will blanket as much terrain as possible with our powerful snowmaking arsenal.”

Twenty-two year veteran snowmaker Dan Walsh commented that “although the warm weather has postponed snowmaking operations, it has given the crew some extra time to work on projects related to the upcoming South Peak expansion.” He also went on to say, “plus, this is the first time I can remember that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with our families, which was a nice treat!”

Loon Mountain was able to lay down adequate snow for the very successful Thanksjibbing rail jam that took place over the past Thanksgiving weekend. Over 120 competitors, plus another 150 spectators showed up to kick-off the season with the rail jam and movie premiere.

“I talked to a lot of people who are psyched to get the season going,” said Terrain Park Manager Jay Scambio. “They couldn’t believe that we were able to produce a great event. The vibe was very positive, and they know that once we get some colder weather back, we’ll open with great conditions.”


The Open Season Rail Jam scheduled for December 2 has been postponed to Saturday, December 16. The USASA Jib event has been cancelled for December 3 and will be rescheduled to a later date this winter.

The festive sounds of jingle bells will ring in the air at Loon Mountain as the resort celebrates its annual Ring in the Winter, Saturday and Sunday, December 9 & 10. Purchase a jingle and raise money for the Angel Tree Project in Plymouth, N.H., which benefits kids who might go without a gift during the holiday season if not for donations by the local community. Further details and a full events schedule can be viewed online at www.loonmtn.com/winter/events.asp.

For up-to-date conditions and more information, please visit www.loonmtn.com or call 800-229-LOON (5666).