Loon Mountain Opens Burton Progression Park

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 31 2007 - 01:39 PM

LINCOLN, New Hampshire — This past weekend Loon Mountain opened its Burton Progression Park, a progressive learning terrain park from Burton Snowboards and Loon Mountain that features specially-designed small terrain park elements for beginner to intermediate level riders. The smaller features provide a similar look and feel of their bigger counterparts that are typically found in larger terrain parks but in a laid-back, fun environment more conducive to learning.

“The purpose of the Burton Progression Park is to make on-hill learning easier and more attractive to new riders looking for relaxed training grounds,” said Terrain Park Manager Jay Scambio. “The Progression Park is positioned on the Little Sister trail with dedicated lift service and features two jumps, a spine, two boxes and a flat rail that are situated and designed specifically for entry-level park riders.”

While larger terrain parks are often designed for flow and easy transition between park features, the Burton Progression Park is built to incorporate ???chill zones,’ or platforms before each set of elements and specific signage relevant to that up-coming feature. ???Chill zones’ are decked out with flags, banners and photos of Burton pro riders hitting similar features with instructions and pointers to help riders safely master each element.

The Progression Park is also designed and used regularly for those who participate in the Burton Learn to Ride program offered by the Loon Mountain Ski & Snowboard School. The park allows instructors and coaches to include park features into lessons and provide proper techniques and professional instruction to progress beginners to the next level. More information on the Burton Learn to Ride program and Progression Park can be found by visiting www.loonmtn.com/rideloon/burtonltr/index.asp.

In addition to the LTR program, Loon also offers its signature Freestyle Progression Camps for skiers and riders aged 7 and older at the intermediate skill level or above. The camp uses Loon’s nationally recognized parks and superpipe along with specially-trained coaches to improve freestyle skills personalized to the individual needs of each participant. Camps are offered on weekends and holidays and runs from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., with one-third of time spent on jumping, one-third on boxes and rails and the final one-third in the pipe. Prices are $85 for skiers or riders who have their own equipment and ticket or $99 for lift, rental and program package. Further details can be found by visiting www.loonmtn.com/info/winter/brtnprogress.asp or calling Loon Central Reservations at 800-229-LOON.