Mountain Creek Recongizes for Land Stewardship and Fish & Wildlife Conservation

By AlpineZone News |
Jul 18 2005 - 02:27 PM

VERNON, New Jersey ??” Since Intrawest purchased Mountain Creek in 1998 the resort has worked closely with the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres Program and the Division of Fish and Wildlife Bureau of Land Management to protect the mountain environment and preserve the natural outdoor recreational opportunities afforded to the local community and our guests on Hamburg Mountain. Those efforts have led to a Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of the Interior’s U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in recognition of the company’s commitment to Land Stewardship in New Jersey for Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

In the Black Creek Sanctuary development alone the company has spent over a half million dollars to achieve a remarkable restoration and enhancement of the wetlands and special habitats, while creating or improving habitats for five threatened species: Barred Owl, American Bittern, Wood Turtle, Black Rail and Bog Turtle. Due to years of neglect prior to the purchase of the property by Intrawest, the most dramatic improvements resulted from the removal of plastic lined waterways, derelict structures and small buildings and the removal of impervious roadways, walkways and paths. This habitat re-creation also included the removal of dredged material from portions of the waterway’s edge, which has allowed a more natural integration of the open waterways and banks of the wetlands. Non-indigenous plant life was eliminated and a variety of indigenous plant species were reintroduced, providing a suitable habitat for reptiles, amphibians and nesting and wading birds.

As the resort village grows, Mountain Creek will continue to seek new and innovative ways to protect and improve the precious natural resource that our business relies on, and hope to work closely with the local community to protect Hamburg Mountain so that future generations can continue to enjoy all that it has to offer.