No Snow In Your Backyard? Plenty of Snow at Wachusett Mountain!

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 11 2012 - 12:35 PM

There may be no snow in your back yard but there’s plenty of snow on Wachusett Mountain!

PRINCETON, Ma. – January 6, 2012 — Without any natural snow yet this winter, some folks in southern New England may feel like they can still be out mowing their yards instead of using their snow blowers! Wachusett Mountain Ski Area has made a ton of snow since opening in early December yet Wachusett staffer Chrissy Zajac pulled out the lawn mower to remind everyone not to be deceived by Mother Nature. She could still mow the lawn next to the ski area snowmaking pond, yet just feet away, nearly 85% of the mountain is open for skiing and snowboarding — covered in machine-made snow depths ranging from 18-40 inches thanks to the ski area’s powerful snowmaking system and this week’s recent cold temperatures.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wachusett Mountain/Mike Halloran