Snowmaking Technology Allows Jiminy Peak To Open 50% More Terrain at 1/3 the Energy

By AlpineZone News |
Dec 09 2006 - 09:10 PM

HANCOCK, Massachusetts — Snowmaking efforts over the past week at Jiminy Peak have allowed the mountain to prepare 50% more terrain for opening this weekend as in previous years. This was made possible by technology developed by retired Pratt & Whitney engineer Pentti Nikkanen, based out of West Hartford, CT and tested by Jiminy Peak CEO & President Brian Fairbank. The gun head developed from this collaboration allows for 50% more terrain to open in the same amount of time at 1/3 of the regular energy cost. “We have made a major impact on the future of our industry with this technology,” says Fairbank.

Thirteen trails are set to open this weekend with three lifts scheduled for operation. The mountain has had fifty-six hours of optimum temperatures of 19 degrees or less throughout the week to make snow. With this technology, much less air is required to crystallize water into snow at 19 degrees thus allowing Jiminy to run 50% more snow guns.

This snowmaking effort is a major component in the long line of energy-saving efforts made by Jiminy Peak. Jiminy Peak is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Southern New England. For more information visit