Super Bowl Weekend Proclaimed New 3-Day Holiday Weekend at Magic Mountain

By AlpineZone News |
Jan 30 2012 - 11:22 AM

Holiday Good only for NY, NJ & NE States with Great Deals for Skiers at Magic-

January 27, 2012, Londonderry, VT-Magic Mountain Vermont has officially proclaimed the weekend of February 4-6 a new 3-day holiday weekend for the New England states, plus New York and New Jersey. A convergence of two forces provides this unique opportunity for a new regional holiday period. The first is self-evident as the New York Giants square off on Sunday February 5th versus the New England Patriots. The second is that on Saturday February 4th, Magic is celebrating 50-years since the peak of Magic was opened to skiing. Magic is throwing a Retro Party all day on the slopes and at night in the lodge. Therefore, a Super Ski Holiday has been proclaimed for Monday so skiers and riders from all over the region have no reason to rush back home on Sunday.

The new Super Ski Holiday Weekend proclamation comes with super saving opportunities for skiers and riders at Magic as well. In honor of Super Bowl XLVI, tickets for both Saturday and Sunday are only $46. A two-day pass is just $84 and comes with a $5 voucher good at the Black Line Brew Pub in the lodge to watch the big game. In addition, Super Monday lift tickets are only $25. All tickets must be purchased online at the Magic Store . Plus, for Magic-s 50 Years Retro party on Saturday, anyone 50 years or older can pick up a lift ticket at the mountain-s ticket window for 50% off.

-It was already a big weekend for Magic with our 50 Years party, and now the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl only adds to the excitement,- says Geoff Hatheway, VP of marketing for Magic Mountain. -We want everyone to enjoy it all up here in Londonderry Vermont, so we thought the easiest way was to simply add another holiday to the calendar. We-re sure businesses and governments across the region won-t mind, right–

About Magic Mountain Ski Area

Magic first opened in 1960 and will be celebrating this season its 50th anniversary of peak to bottom skiing dating from 1962, which to this day, is still one of the most exciting, challenging and authentic Vermont ski experiences. Different than the corporate resorts, Magic has stayed true to the original Vermont ski culture. Magic skiers enjoy a mountain emphasizing natural, diverse ski terrain in an atmosphere of shared camaraderie for the sport both on the slopes and in the lodge after a long, rewarding day. Magic has an authentic vibe because, in reality, it still remains first and foremost a ski area, not a -resort–and a distinctly Vermont one at that. It-s a community spirit that keeps Magic thriving for those committed ski and riding enthusiasts who want to -carve their own trail- and experience real snow and obstacles that mother-nature puts on the hill. And, it-s why
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For more information, contact: Geoff Hatheway, [email][/email] (802) 874-4654 .Magic skiers love the mountain so much that they are personally investing in the ski area via The Magic Partnership in order to enhance and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.