The Junkman Brings His Unique Music, Sculpture and Environmental Messages to Stowe

By AlpineZone News |
Aug 23 2007 - 11:13 AM

STOWE, Vermont — Don Knaack, aka ‘The Junkman,’ will be in residency at Spruce Peak at Stowe this summer from August 25 through September 3. Don’s presentations begin when he designs and constructs a ‘Junk-Music-Playstation’ with scrap materials from the Stowe Mountain Lodge (opening this ski season) construction site and other areas around Stowe Mountain Resort. The Junk-Music-Playstation is a percussion-based sound sculpture made exclusively from recycled materials. This large creation allows up to 30 persons to simultaneously jam. There will be free daily workshops and Junk-Jams for the public.

Daily Workshops and Junk-Jams
The Junk-Jam workshops will be held from 11:30am – 12:30pm every day, August 25 through September 3 (Labor Day). The workshops will focus on the design and construction of the Playstation. There will also be a Junk-Jam everyday from 1:00 -1:30pm. A Junk-Jam is where people grab a stick and a piece of recycled material and join in a communal drumming experience. All workshops and Junk-Jams will take place on the Preview Center Patio at Spruce Peak. There is no sign up, just come when you can for as along as you wish. The Junkman will close out his residency with a free concert on Monday, September 3 at 5:00pm. The concert will end with the unveiling of the new Spruce Peak at Stowe Junk-Music-Playstation, and members of the audience will be invited to participate in the final Junk-Jam. The Playstation will remain at Spruce Peak at Stowe for visitors to jam-upon for years to come.

About The Junkman
As a conservatory-trained percussionist and composer, The Junkman has been a member of the Louisville Orchestra and the Buffalo Philharmonic, as well as a studio percussionist in the studios of Hollywood. He now exclusively composes-for and performs-on junk and recycled materials. His Junkmusic is a unique collection of musical styles. Impossible to categorize, worldwide audiences are recognizing Junkmusic as eye-opening, provocative and entirely new.

The Junkman has also developed a new program for Vermont public schools which teaches environmental citizenry. The Junkman’s commitment to the environment is a natural fit with Spruce Peak at Stowe’s Environmental Charter, which is an award winning collaborative planning effort based on the concepts of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Photos and other information are available at