The Return of Winter: Powder Days in Jersey

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 09 2006 - 08:46 PM

VERNON, New Jersey ??” After the warmest January on record, winter has finally arrived and Mountain Creek is taking advantage of its investment in the most powerful snowmaking system available, SnoLab26.

Meteorologists have been forecasting for weeks that winter was just around the corner, with a long term shift in the weather pattern expected to continue through March. But on those 60 degree days it sometimes seemed hard to believe. Thanks to a substantial, long-term investment in state-of-the-art snowmaking, terrific temperatures in December, and an incredible grooming effort, Mountain Creek has provided guests with snow conditions exceeding expectations again and again this season, and endured the unseasonable temperatures without losing terrain. Now the resort is thrilled to watch those snowguns work their magic once again.

To put the power of Mountain Creek’s SnoLab26 in perspective, since firing up the system on Monday night, the resort has pumped out enough snow to fill Giants’ Stadium with FIFTY FEET OF POWDER, that’s ten stories high. This powerful snowmaking system is capable of making snow across over a third of the resort’s terrain at once, with approximately 250 snow guns blanketing the trails at any one time. By this weekend, the resort will have 36 trails and 4 tubing lanes open, and expects to increase trail count next week as temperatures are predicted to remain seasonable and snowmaking will continue full-force.

But the short term forecast is equally exciting, with possibly the biggest storm of the season heading our way. Up to a foot of snow expected to fall this weekend, followed by another storm headed our way in time for the big President’s Day holiday weekend.

With more snow on the ground, the resort’s Parks and Pipes crew has undertaken a major reshaping of its terrain parks, adding many new features and reshaping and reconfiguring others in time for the coming weekend and events. Visit for details, as well as the exciting February event calendar, with something happening every single day.