U.S. Telemark National Championships to be held at Gunstock

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 07 2012 - 09:42 AM

2-28-2012 GILFORD – Telemark skiing will be making history at Gunstock Mountain Resort when they host the 2012 U. S. Telemark National Championships on March 9, 10, and 11 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Competitors are encouraged to register on-line through March 4th or on the day of the race. The weekend will feature races in Classic, Sprint Classic and Giant Slalom. Race categories will inclue Citizen’s(just for fun), Junior 1, Junior 2, and Elite. A banquet with the US National Racers will be held on Saturday night. You can register online for the banquets and races at www.ustsa.org or follow the link on the events page at gunstock.com .

Josh Lanzetta, a member of the U. S. Telemark Ski Team and organizer of this national event, will be competing during the championships. Lanzetta grew up in the area and began skiing at Gunstock at the tender age of two and was a member of the Gunstock Ski Team. After living in Colorado for a number of years and competing in Nordic and Alpine events, he returned to New Hampshire to live and is thrilled to be once again skiing and racing at Gunstock, this time racing in Telemark events.

Telemark skiing is named after the Telemark region in Norway, its country of origin. Often called Tele or free heel skiing, the sport is known for its graceful turns and grueling physical activity. A typical Telemark race course begins with what looks like a Giant Slalom, then utilizes a ski jump, incorporates a 360-turn called a reipelokke and then ends with a skate-ski across the finish line. When the popularity of Alpine skiing soared during the 1960’s, interest in Telemark skiing waned, not only at Gunstock but across the country as well. In recent years the sport began to experience a comeback as skiers started to embrace Tele skiing, which they find to be just another way to play on the mountain. Advances in Telemark equipment have also lead to the resurgence of the sport.

The public is invited to attend this event, learn more about this exciting sport, and meet the members of the U. S. Telemark Ski Team. More information about this event and Telemark skiing can be found on the website of the United States Telemark Skiing Association at: www.nstnsa.org .

Additional contact: Josh Lanzetta at: [email]josh.lanzetta@gmail.com[/email]. Photo Caption: Lakes Region native and current member of the U. S. Telemark Ski Team, Josh Lanzetta, is featured on this poster promoting the 2012 U. S. Telemark National Championships to be held in March at Gunstock Mountain Resort.

Gunstock, located in Gilford New Hampshire, is one of the state’s largest recreation areas. The first ski area in New England to have a chairlift, Gunstock boasts 1400 feet of vertical, 227 acres of skiing, and 300 campsites during the summer, spectacular views of the Lake Winnipesaukee at every turn. It is also the host of major events such as the ,The Lakeside Living Expo, CraftFest, Soulfest, WarriorDash and the TimberMan Triathlon.