Wicked Huge Park Party at Wintergreen

By AlpineZone News |
Mar 24 2005 - 04:21 PM

WINTERGREEN, Virginia ??” For one day only, Saturday, April 2, Wintergreen will have the biggest, terrain park in the East. Since there is such an abundance of snow this year, the resort is turning the entire Dobie slope into one huge mega-terrain park with ten rails, four gap jumps, two table tops, two hip-hit spines, a vert wall, and the infamous Volkswagen bug rail. There will also be some water hazzards and a pond-skimming contest.

According to Frankee Love, Director of Public Relations & Communications at Wintergreen Resort, “This is going to be waaaay cool and something you do not want to miss. We have never done this before and may not ever be able to do it again.”

A lift ticket costing $20 per person for all ages is required. 2004-05 season pass holders will get a $10 discount. The parl is not for beginners and no equipment rentals available at the resort. For more info on Wintergreen, check the web site at www.wintergreenresort.com.