Wildcat Mountain Ski Area Launches Two New Season Pass Deals

By AlpineZone News |
Sep 09 2006 - 09:49 PM

PINKHAM NOTCH, New Hampshire ??” Wildcat Mountain Ski Area announces the addition of two brand new season passes to its 2006/07 season pass program, including a special season pass for seniors aged 65 and over and a new pass for Kitten Club Nursery regulars, aged 2 months to 5 years old. The program is simple, and according to Jennifer Patry, Wildcat’s Director of Guest Services, “We are hoping to satisfy our customers’ needs based on feedback we have received over the past couple of years. We are listening, and we are happy to be able to offer new season-long opportunities to our customers.”

Tom Caughey, General Manager of Wildcat Mountain is optimistic as well. According to Caughey, 2006/07 season pass sales are better than expected at this time, and the addition of the new season pass products is intended to fill out the existing program and address the needs of the oldest and youngest members of the Wildcat community, “I think both products will be well-received. We’re excited to get the word out.”

Wildcat Mountain Ski Area, approaching its 49th consecutive ski season, is well known as a “skiers’ mountain,” with classic New England terrain and spectacular scenery. And that it is. Steeped in ski history and deep in natural snow, Wildcat embodies traditional ski culture — where the “skier” mentality starts early and stays for life. Season Passes are the easiest, most convenient way for people to make a commitment to skiing, and to reap the reward of fitness and exhilaration, in a beautiful, fun, social environment.

Wildcat’s new 2006/07 passes are available for a limited time at the following prices: Jr./Teen Pass ( ages 6-18 ), $169; Full-Time College Student, $189; Adult Full Pass (ages 19+), $599; Adult 6-Day Pass (valid Sunday through Friday, including holiday weeks; and excluding Saturdays), $425. The new Senior Pass (ages 65+, Midweek, Non-Holiday), is $199; and the new Kitten Club Nursery Pass is $599.

It is always best to secure season passes well in advance of the season’s opening, as the early-bird deals disappear. Wildcat, known for its long skiing & riding season, plans to open November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving, unless early-season snow and weather conditions warrant an earlier opening date. Beginning early next week, by Wednesday September 13, 2006, the new season pass products will be available on-line at www.skiwildcat.com/lifttickets.html#season.