Windham Mountain to Hold Annual Jeremy Glick Sweetheart Race

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 10 2006 - 04:33 PM

WINDHAM, New York ??” Saturday, February 10, 2006 Windham Mountain will hold its annual Jeremy Glick Sweetheart Race in memory of Jeremy Glick, one of America’s fallen heroes from flight 93 on 9/11.

Jeremy was an instructor for Windham Mountain and a loyal skier and snowboarder at the resort for many years. Jeremy and wife Elizabeth won the Sweetheart Race in 1999.

Jeremy was one of the 37 passengers who boarded United Flight 93 leaving Newark, New Jersey, for Los Angeles, California that was hijacked shortly after takeoff. The passengers’ actions thwarted the terrorists’ plans to use the aircraft as a weapon most likely targeting the White House or the U.S. Capitol.

“Jeremy Glick was a tremendous person and a great instructor,” said Tim Woods, GM of Windham Mountain. “This race is a great way to celebrate his life and his love of skiing.”

A memorial was held for Jeremy Glick at Windham Mountain shortly after the tragedy. The race named in his memory in 2002 is an event for couples in which the best time of two runs by each partner are combined to determine overall winners.