2022-11-25 Loon

C9A833E5-4520-4B88-9C7C-B4F30BB643FB.jpegC0356A48-BBB5-4333-B7A6-1EC241419210.jpegA1FA37F9-F8BD-4351-856E-7B0A120BFE96.jpegA good day #1 of the 22/23 season for me. Gambled on the weather and feel that I won — a small amount of liquid precipitation mid-day, but flakes at altitude soon after. Loon has a novel early-season arrangement this year with Octagon base area out of play while they finish the new 7 bros lift: Kanc8 out of the Governor Adams area and North Peak Express. Enough trails to keep things interesting for a half-dozen hours at least. Parks crew using their…

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