2/4/15 Stratton

I was on a mini ski vacation this week. I planned the time off well before the storm so I lucked out. Sunday was Pico, Monday Killington, Tuesday Bromley, and today Stratton. Two old school and two big modern resorts which made for some interesting skiing and comparisons.

Stratton today skied very nicely. Packed powder on nearly all trails. Very little ice to be found. I only was able to do a few glade runs mostly in Eclipse. The people I skied with were not into trees and Eclipse is a nice option since it parallels a good groomed ski trail. I could start and end on the groomed trail with them. The woods were good although a few packed down areas were beginning to show but nothing major I was just getting spoiled after the last few days. Groomers were great with nice coverage even a few days since the big storm. Cloudy day and it felt colder than the temperature which was in the 20s.

The new gondola cabins are a big improvement. I am not a huge gondola fan generally but the seats are actually usable and the unloading station provides a lot more protection from the wind. No crowds even though it was demo week down at the base.