3/23/19 Powder Saturday at Stratton Snowbowl!

I figure people on the fence about tomorrow may benefit from hearing about today’s condition?;)

This TR will be short and sweet, as my desert is coming. :)

I spent 2 hrs on 1 single trail: the Snowbowl Liftline !

Snow was dry and light (in the afternoon that is). Fun, fun, fun!


As far as I can remember, this is the first time I spent an entire afternoon on a single trail, ever!

Ok, I did try a couple of the neighboring trails in the Snowbowl area. But while they would have been considered “good” or decent piwder, none were quite as good as the Liftline overall. So I kept going back to Liftline. (chair mate “survey” indicate Snowbowl had the best condition compared to other part of the mountain)

I think tomorrow will be good too.

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