3/10/17 Killington

While I spend most of my weekends in the Upper Valley in NH I tend to like a lower key kind of place. But each year I usually make it to Killington midweek at least once or twice. Today was that day for me.

Temps were in the 20s and overcast for most of the day with some snow flurries in the afternoon. I skied open to 2 PM. I started out at the Skyeship base. Probably the first time I had been inside the building in at least a dozen years not that much had changed. They still give 20% off for Pico passholders which was a nice plus since I had planned on working remote that day and didn’t shop discounts.

Overall despite the temperature swings coverage was good. Definitely a lot of frozen granular on top of a hard base but K’s mountain ops team does a great job and I had no complaints. By 1 PM you could definitely find the boilerplate showing in places with the granular being pushed out to the edges. They had guns running on high traffic areas around the mountain. I didn’t do much on Snowdon and I skipped Ramshead and Snowshed all together. But I sampled a lot of everything else that was open. Good day overall and worth the trip. Busy but not crowded. Gray day so not a photo day for me.