Alba Adventures – Season 4 Episode 1 – ONE DAY – Pico, VT

We hope you like our latest… So far the ski season is off to a great start.. Hoping it stays this way.

One Day (by Alicia Alba)

It’s Friday in December,
And tomorrow is opening day.
Escaping NY on a Friday can be trying,
And beating the rush hour traffic is like winning at a game of Craps.

With relief we make our final turn.
Exhausted we make our way inside,
And settle down to get some rest.

The morning looks wonderful,
With an additional dusting of snow.

Clearly our niece was not the only one excited for Pico’s Opening Day.

And after last season,
Things are off to a great start.

Seeing friends,
And wonderful powder,
The day was great.

The next day the summit was open,
And now the real fun could begin.

Even just looking up at the the mountain,
Covered in snow,
Was spectacular.

Winter people are drawn to the mountain.
The mountain becomes your acquaintance.
The mountain becomes your friend.
And then One Day without you realizing it,
The mountain becomes your family.
Pico has become our family.

We leave counting the days, we will see you again.