Belleayre 3-13-19: good woods, still!

With the forecast threatening to decimate the cover in Belle’s natural areas, I could almost hear the clock ticking so decided to take a day & get while the gettin’s good. There are priorities in life, after all. Arrived before 10 with temp at 26F but expected to rise to 39, so my game plan was to ski the groomers early while the sun- hopefully- would soften things up enought to hit the natural areas later.

Frozen cord greeted me on the groomers…

…while chattery crud rudely treated my boards in the frozen bumps. By late morning Cathedral Brook was in very good shape and softening up…
I was darting in & out testing areas on the edge of the Glen. There were tracks in there, but they were frozen- the fresh, untracked areas near them actually proved much more agreeable. Just before lunch I found the ROTD- Tomahawk Liftline, which was deserted as the lift has been down…
After lunch I resolved to ski the glades/trees exclusively- from Dreamcatcher Glades to Belleayre Glades & Winisook Glades, all were in good skiable shape. But it was the woods that stood out…
As I had hoped, the prior tracks had softened up nicely by now.
^^^Most of it, though, was untracked virgin snow.
I’m not sure how deep the snow is in there but hopefully deep enough to go on for a while.

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