Bromley 4/6/2014

Spent the day at Bromley harvesting some sweet corn. It was Bromley’s last day of operations for the season, skies were blue and temps topped out in the mid to upper 40s. It was warm enough to soften the snow, to ski in my hoodie, but not so warm that the snow got manky and rotten. I split the day between sweet, sweet bumps for me, and runs through the terrain parks for my son.

Bumps were AMAZING! Sunder had a couple rapidly growing bare spots at the top, but it was fun to maneuver around them. Havoc had some awesome lines as well, but my run of the day was surely Stargazer to No Name Chute. Stargazer is steep in the middle! I loved it! Also, they ran the Blue Ribbon Quad which made it possible to ski the East side trails without trudging through the flats at the bottom of those trails.

My son had a ball on the two parks and I even played around on the "baby jumps" as he called them.

Conditions would have made for great photos, but we were having too much fun to bother with fiddling around with stopping to take photos

Can’t say enough good things about Bromley!