Cannon 12/13

Date: 12/13…USMC toy donation $24.50
Conditions: PP, Wet Powder, Dry Powder, Machine Groomed

Little bit of everything at Cannon Saturday. Met up with Cannonball and his wife and quickly booted up in lodge. Run down Middle Cannon brought us to JDMRoma and Puckit. Lapped Zoomer for 2 hrs or so hitting everything there.
Interesting mix of soft pow and crusty wet snowmaking. Hard to get into a good rhythm but further skiers right you went the better u were…Banshee very nice. Puckit dropped into Whiskey Wine glade (i think?)
Echo Woods looked awesome but maybe not quite ready

Quick Zoomer bar re fuel followed by brief lunch. After lunch the 4 of us went exploring the extreme Tuckerbrook area for the secret Bobcat glade. While we didn’t find the low angle untracked goodness we were after it was a nice diversion and made me realize the quality of the area. Noted and will be back with my son soon to teach him in a low stress environment.

Not to be denied we followed our fearless leader Puckit down Lower Hard for some awesome poached ungroomed. Couple water bars and rocks you had to watch for but pretty incredible for Mid December

Awesome day overall…always have a great day at Cannon with some great skiers/riders. If i didnt like exploring so much i would be a passholder up there

With snowmaking starting up top this week, next wknd should be nice