Cannon 1/28

Hit up Cannon day after the blizzard. They reported 10-12 inches in last 24 hrs which I feel was pretty accurate. Due to crappy roads we didn’t roll in until 9:30 so we missed first chair but headed quickly to Mittersil. I believe it was the first time it opened this year and it was solid for the first 2-3 runs until it started getting scratchy. Then we went over to the front 5 which was wind loaded and pretty fun. The tram wasn’t running so we took a few laps over to the trees directly above the Tram to skier’s right of front five–the name escapes me. They were untouched and a ton of fun. Probably because it required a 5 minute hike out at the end but totally worth it. Finished up the day with a few summit laps that weren’t bad as we hoped into a few hidden tree runs. They definitely have a pretty iffy base throughout Cannon. It was clear that they needed this snow big time. I don’t know how people have been skiing it the last few weeks. While the snow was awesome in that it was blower, this meant that it skied off VERY easily on steeper terrain. By 3PM I felt the whole mountain was scratchy. I would hesitate going there until they get more snow (probably Thurs/Friday).