Catamount 2/6/19

I live 1hr 20m from Catamount and try to hit is once or twice a season. The trails ski very long for 1,000 vertical, Catapult is legitimately steep, and they leave a lot of stuff ungroomed. I could not get out yesterday or Monday, both of which would have been ideal. The report indicated they were letting Catapult bump up. Come this AM though, I pulled into the parking lot and they were winching it...oh well. The skiers right of Glade and all of Off Stage were bumped up and skied wonderful in the PM. Glade was more rotting snow than bumps but it's still fun to be able to do some "technical" skiing so close to home.

Groomers skied about as well as they could after 50 degree temps the day before followed by a night with lows in the 20s. Started off kind of chunky but became soft by the afternoon. Still a very deep base everywhere on the hill.

The base area has been totally transformed. The renovated lodge looks great and the new lodge next to it under construction will give Catamount the lodge space it needs. My one complaint is there is not a single pine tree left at the base. It is all built up. There used to be a lovely grove you had to walk through that separated the lot from the lifts/trails.

It is good to see Catamount grow...I have a little bit of "mountain envy" as I work at the ski area "down the road" on Route 22. But we had something very very special of our own happen this week...if you've ever heard of this guy named "Glen Plake" check out his Instagram :grin:

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